Street Theatre, Victoria, May 18

Salt Spring's famed Hysterical Society says No to Manulife Financed Clearcutting on our West Coast

On May 11 1.00 pm members of the society and other Salt Spring islanders visited the Open Space Gallery on Fort St. to say hello to the Manulife sponsored Literary Arts Festival. Two of their famous authors (Australian Julia Leigh) came out with them to Bastion Square to see the show and express solidarity!

At 2 pm Town Crier Ken Lee introduced "The achingly lovely Forest of Salt Spring Island" played by Susheela Meyers. The "deeply troubled Judas Manudeath sleazy money lender with a heart of gold" played by Arvid Chalmers and "Lord Texada known as Texamodo a logging entrepreneur" played by Shilo Zilbergold.

Briefly; Manudeath offers Texamodo $16 million (in a bag) to clearcut Salt Spring. Texamodo signs the mortgage which Manudeath puts in his back pocket ("Press hard the 4th copy is yours!") Texamodo starts to attack Susheela with his cardboard chainsaw. Her pleas and screams for help do not fall on deaf ears. Manudeath undergoes an astonishing transformation, tears of his shirt revealing a skimpy white T shirt with a giant red M on the front and 'MIGHTY MANULIFE" on the back. He snatches the bag of money from Texamodo, gives it to a grateful Susheela and says "Buy a Park!" Texamodo snatches the mortgage from Arvid's back pocket and shouts "I've got you!". At this point Arvid pulls out his Bic lighter and sets fire to the $16,000,000 mortgage as all sing "Burn Baby Burn"

The Town Crier then invited the court of public opinion to ponder whether a Manudeath loan can be transformed into a Manulife gift!

Town Crier Ken Lee
"The achingly lovely Forest of Salt Spring Island"
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Texamodo snatches the mortgage from the forest

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