From Galway to Ganges is such a long way

It took a long time to get here so now I will stay

For Ireland's progressing at too great a speed

I'll stay here on Salt Spring , it's got all I need.


I was born up in Dublin in nineteen four three

Left there as a baby for the Spa near Tralee;

In the village I went to the small two-roomed school

Where the Master would tolerate no kind of fool.


At town school the Brothers were Christian, they claimed

But their conduct denied them fair claim to that name.

And yet I got out of there with honours galore

At the Uni in Galway I garnered some more.


I left in the sixties , 'twas nice and quiet then

But now it is crowded with all kinds of men (?)

Back then there was craic in the pub every night

But now the crack's mainly a knife and a fight.


I went first to England then to Germany

A short time in America was plenty for me.

Then up to Toronto where I'd lots of fun

But fun takes its toll so westward I 've come.




My liver survived all those years of abuse

I sobered up wisely - gave up the old booze;

Gave up my big house and my professor's job

And headed for Salt Spring, myself and my dog.


Now cats, dogs and chickens and sometimes a pig

Are my boon companions , in the garden I dig.

I'll finish my life here 'twixt the hills and the sea

With memories of Galway and The Spa near Tralee.