From the Community Forest Group of Salt Spring Island

An Introductory Prospectus

 * The 'Group' is a non-profit community organization based on Salt Spring Island, committed to sustainable landscape stewardship that enhances the health and continuity of our whole biotic community.

* Our aim is to acquire forested lands to manage for the benefit of our community, following the principles of ecologically sustainable forestry.

* The 'Group' believes that productivity is enhanced by biodiversity, and that biodiversity has value in its own right. Therefore, practices will aim to support and enhance biodiversity.

* The 'Group' recognises that the physical, social and spiritual health of the local, human community is part of the fabric of the greater landscape. Therefore, maintaining and enhancing the health of the biotic community supports us all.

By promoting ecologically sustainable forestry principles and stewardship practices the 'Group' expect to achieve;

 * Educational opportunities- By raising awareness of the benefits of ecologically diverse ecosystems to both local communities directly and the global community. By demonstrating the alternatives to the current activities and patterns of industrialization and commodification of our landscape.

* Research opportunities- By exploring tools such as the use of fire, we can further develop knowledge and improve our understanding of landscape processes and our role within these systems.

* Employment opportunities- Meaningful, continuous employment for local people both directly in maintenance and harvesting, and indirectly through value added operations.

* Enhance recreation and aesthetic values- The landscape is open to the whole community to come and enjoy their own back yard, and appreciate that the landscape can work for them and look great too!

* Tourism opportunities- The Gulf Islands depend largely on the tourist economy. A community forest provides added value for visitors to enjoy and learn more about our home.

* Developing a land ethic- A community forest ultimately helps us identify and recognize the vital bond we have with our home. This recognition will be demonstrated through renewed respect and values we place on all our landscapes, at home and beyond.

Comments or queries to: Andrew Lewis