September 17, 2001
The Province is negotiating for much of the Texada lands on behalf of BC Parks, CRD Parks, the North Salt Spring Water District, Save Salt Spring Society, Water Preservation Society, Salt Spring Island Conservancy, and The Land Conservancy of BC. A successful outcome will protect forever the whole of Burgoyne Bay and most of the Burgoyne Valley as Regional and Provincial park land. The entire Maxwell Lake watershed will also be protected, including all its trees. These negotiations are moving ahead constructively.
The Land Conservancy of BC, through the Salt Spring Appeal, has committed funds and financing, and continues to fundraise towards this purchase. A heartfelt thank you to the Provincial Government, to all of our partners and especially to all of the generous donors and volunteers who have helped us get this far!
With a little extra help we can do even more. The Salt Spring Appeal is now working to purchase additional Texada lands in the Burgoyne Valley and the Mt. Tuam-Mt. Bruce areas. We hope to first buy these lands and then, with conservation covenants in place, resell them to community groups, or to private buyers. Covenants will ensure these lands could only be logged sustainably; protect sensitive areas and viewscapes; and provide for public trails and greenways.
Protecting these lands in Burgoyne Valley and the Mt. Tuam-Mt. Bruce areas will also connect existing parks and Crown lands from Mount Maxwell to Satellite Channel-creating the largest unbroken green space in the Gulf Islands, for all islanders to enjoy.
A number of community groups have expressed interest in purchasing, holding or managing particular parcels, trails or greenways, including: School District 64 for the Gulf Island Centre for Environmental Learning; the Growing Circle Food Cooperative for a Community Farm organic market garden and demonstration garden; Saltspring Community Forest Society for sustainable forestry; Salmon Enhancement Society for management of streams and wetlands; and Island Pathways for a multi-purpose regional trail network.
We need your help now to protect these lands and create a
community-based working landscape.
To go forward with this deal, The Land Conservancy of BC needs community support now to show that we can cover the costs involved in holding, marketing and covenanting these lands. We need to show a commitment of $200,000 a year for the next three years.
How you can help:
Pledge for 2001, 2002, or 2003
Be a conservation buyer, or help us find one
To aid our efforts to protect these lands and create a community-based working landscape here on Salt Spring, or for further information, please contact:

Elizabeth White, Salt Spring Appeal Fundraising Coordinator at 537-2616

To pledge now click here for the printable pledge form.