The Save Salt Spring Campaign Fund is focused on raising environmental awareness and effecting change through the promotion of people, their stories, film, music and art. Our goal is to purchase and protect land on Salt Spring Island for future generations.

"Preserve and Protect" Calendar:

A top quality production featuring many of Salt Spring's female eco-warriors. The calendar is available for sale at this website and at selected stores. The funds raised from the sale of the "Salt Spring Women's Calendar" will be used for land acquisition. Other donations to the fund are used for campaign expenses..

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The Save Salt Spring Campaign Fund
140 Lee Road, Saltspring Island, B.C, Canada V8K 2A5
 Tel: 250 653 4041.

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Ken & Jill Lee

We chose to live on Salt Spring Island because of its legendary beauty, and, to be closer to our four grandchildren.
What must our grandchildren think as they look at the Texada clear-cuts from their favourite picnic spot on top of Mount Maxwell? They loved Camp Narnia and its magical setting. How will we answer when they ask why a beautiful forest was clear-cut where Camp Narnia once stood? We have told them that the decision to clear-cut a forest is made by greedy people. We and their teachers have taught them the importance of living in harmony with nature. Will they really understand that we accepted the answer that the destruction of ancient habitats and watersheds is legal? How do you explain "legal" to a child? Will they really believe that we used that word as an excuse to do nothing? We don't think so!
Grandparents of Salt Spring Island unite! Think back on the wars we have all lived through. Remember our own Janet Nevill, 87 years old, who was arrested for trying to stop this. It should take a lot more than a few SLAPP suits and libel threats by Texada, to discourage us from supporting the ongoing efforts to save our precious Island. Let us fight now, to preserve its watersheds and forests for our grandchildren!

Sincerely, Ken and Jill Lee

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