Biodiversity Protection Package

Your help is needed - this is Priority Numero Uno for many very key environmetal campaigns of British Columbia

Right now, the federal government and the BC government are negotiating the largest land acquisition funding agreement for new protected areas in CANADIAN HISTORY. The federal government, under Prime Minister Jean Chretien's supervision is considering providing $110 million dollars for protection of key biodiversity/ endangered species hot spots in British Columbia. The money will be used to purchase private lands for protection including the Sooke Hills near Victoria, the Gulf Islands (eg. southern Saltspring Island), Burns Bog in Delta, the Cowichan River properties on Vancouver Island, Fraser River wetlands habitat, and the South Okanogan pocket desert. These are among the highest priority lands for endangered species and ecosystem protection in Canada.

It is of critical importance that everyone phone, fax, write, and/or call Prime Minister Jean Chretien and BC Premier Ujjal Dosanjh to tell them whether you support the $110 million Biodiversity Package for BC. Please take 5 minutes and do this for our most endangered ecosystems - each call/ letter makes a big difference right now. We will win several campaigns in one sweep if this goes through - THIS IS A FIRST RATE PRIORITY:

The biodiversity package could save the Texada lands on Salt Spring.

March 31, 2001


The deal came through!

Please write the people below and thank them!

Contact Information and links:

The Honorable Sheila Copps
Heritage Minister
Phone: (819) 997-7788
or parliamentary number (613) 995-2772

The Honorable David Anderson
Minister of the Environment
Phone: (819) 997-1441
or Victoria constituency office (250) 363-3600

The Honorable Ian Waddell
BC Minister of the Environment
Phone: (250) 387-1187
or in Vancouver (604) 321-2223

Prime Minister Jean Chretien
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
Phone: 613-992-4211
Fax: 613-957-5762
email: email:

Premier of BC Ujjal Dosanjh
Legislative Buildings
Victoria, BC, Canada V8V 1X4
phone: (250)387-1715
fax: (250)387-0087

The other part of the solution

Call Robert McDonald of Texada Land Corporation, thank him for stopping cutting in the National Parks Area of interest until the "Biodiversity Package" has been announced and ask him to act in good faith and accept fair market value.

Robert McDonald - Office 604 331 6018 - cell phone 604 250 5655 - Home 604 737 2633