Jo, Denise, Harry and Briony

We are: Harry Warner, originally from County Kerry, Ireland., Denise McCann, originally from USA., Briony Penn & Jo Lundstrom both from Victoria, BC.

We perform mostly Irish traditional songs with some Salt Spring songs for good measure.
Harry plays banjo, tenor guitar and mandolin; Jo plays accordion and concertina; Denise plays mandolin, guitar, bodhran, hurdy-gurdy and dulcimer; Briony plays penny whistle.
We all sing and our a cappella three-part harmony renditions of traditional songs are among our best pieces, according to our audiences.
Based on Salt Spring Island, BC, we have one tape titled "Do You Love An Apple".
We have performed at Seattle's Folklife and continue to perform throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Listen to our songs from "
Do You Love An Apple"