Salt Spring APPEAL

Donations and pledges are being received by TLC-The Land Conservancy of BC.

TLC is spearheading the land acquisition and protection effort, supported by members of the South and West Salt Spring Conservation Partnership, including the Salt Spring Island Conservancy, the Waterbird Watch Collective, the Water Preservation Society, the Island Salmon Enhancement Society, Island Pathways, Island Natural Growers, and the newly-formed community eco-forestry group.

RAISED TO DATE: (as of March 20, 2001) $850,000. This amount has been raised from over one thousand individuals and businesses and includes many small donations.

WE NEED: donations and pledges, low-interest financing, and conservation buyers!

Your help now can stop the clear cutting and protect this beautiful area for ever. Overhead costs associated with the campaign, including costs of appraisals, have been covered, so all donations and pledges go directly for land protection. Pledge forms may be printed here. Donors may allocate their funds to the area they choose, e.g. Garry oaks, or Maxwell Lake watershed. Tax receipts are issued for all donations. e.g. Garry oaks, or Maxwell Lake
watershed. Tax receipts are issued for all donations.

for Canadians
Canadian citizens are asked to make contributions to:

The Land Conservancy of BC, Salt Spring Appeal
5793 Old West Saanich Road, Victoria, BC, V8X 3X3
phone: (250) 479-8053 fax: (250) 744-2251 email: <>

for Americans
American citizens are asked to contact The Land Conservancy Of BCbefore making a contribution to arrange for a US tax receipt.

For more information contact Elizabeth White, Salt Spring Appeal fundraising coordinator.
Salt Spring APPEAL
Elizabeth White, Coordinator
171 Vesuvius Bay Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1K3

phone: (250) 537-2616 fax:(250) 537-2681

What has been done so far?

From the day Texada Land Corporation’s chain saws arrived, community volunteers have:

    • organized a series of community information meetings and rallies

    • mapped the areas suitable for parkland and for community forest and agricultural use

    • met with the company’s owners and representatives to provide information about critical ecological and scenic values

    • reviewed logging plans and walked the logging sites with company foresters and representatives

    • started a letter-writing campaign to politicians

    • provided articles for and information to the media

    • begun a fundraising campaign to protect the land


The Land Conservancy of BC is spearheading the fundraising efforts and negotiations with Texada Land Corporation. Members of the South and West Salt Spring Island Conservation Partnership are directing the land protection and acquisition process. The partnership members include The Land Conservancy of BC, the Capital Regional District (CRD) Parks, BC Parks, the Salt Spring Island Conservancy, the Salt Spring Water Preservation Society, the Islands Trust Fund, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the Habitat Acquisition Trust, the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee, several land owners with an interest in conservation covenants, and the Salt Spring Island Parks, Arts, and Recreation Commission (PARC).


Texada clear cut, Mount Tuam photo by uri Cogan

What are the next steps?

The owners have indicated that they are willing to sell the land. CRD Parks have indicated that they intend to help purchase some of this land for parks. Other sources such as the Pacific Marine Heritage Legacy– a partnership of the federal and provincial governments–and the Georgia Basin Ecosystem may also be willing to help. While the Texada lands are worth many millions of dollars, the cost of protecting the key values on these lands will be significantly reduced by entering into partnerships with regional, provincial, and federal agencies. By using covenants and stewardship agreements with private buyers, protection can be achieved at much lower cost than outright community acquisition. (Conservation covenants are voluntary written agreements between a land owner and a conservation organization, in which the owner promises to protect the land in a specified way. Covenants are registered on the land title and bind future owners.) Also, some properties acquired by the community can offset some costs with revenues from eco-forestry and agriculture activities.

Now we are looking for:

    conservation angels–donors, large and small

    conservation buyers–people to purchase individual parcels that have conservation covenants placed on them

    community forest and farm trust sponsors (sponsors who hold land for community sustainable forestry and agriculture)

We have already received many donations, including one to cover the costs of covenants, appraisals, and other expenses. Now we need you to help us make our dream of protecting this land a reality.

Remember that we already have great success stories on this island with the purchase of the Mill Farm and the McFadden Creek Heronry. We can do it again!



Texada lands, hikers and Mount Maxwell photo by Jonathan Grant

The vision

Protection of the Texada lands can do much more than preserve the beauty of the land and sensitive, rare, and endangered ecosystems. People are part of the ecology too, and the protection of these lands presents many possibilities for the economy of Salt Spring, including eco-tourism, organic food production, and ecoforestry, including milling and the production of eco-certified wood products. By protecting the southwest area of Salt Spring from extensive clear cut logging and inappropriate development, the Salt Spring community will be making a strong statement for a vibrant and sustainable economy, with jobs for working people and youth, while preserving the character of our island.

Please help

• Make a donation to The Land Conservancy of BC toward the purchase of land. You can donate now, or you can make a pledge to donate in the future. Just fill out the form. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations received.

• Write, e-mail, or fax key politicians and the principals of Texada Land Corporation. Tell them how important you think these lands are, and how much you hope they will do everything they can to protect them. (See the home page for links, names and addresses.)


The Salt Spring Island Conservancy, the Waterbird Watch Collective, and the Salt Spring Water Preservation Society fully support the fundraising efforts for the protection of the south and west area of Salt Spring. We encourage all islanders to join us in this initiative to preserve sensitive ecosystems, water resources, and fish and animal habitats while providing opportunities for outdoor recreation, tourism, farming, and eco-forestry. The preservation of these lands will provide an opportunity for current and future generations of Canadians to protect one of our nations’ rarest and most unusual natural habitats.

The land protection jigsaw puzzle - a mix of private conservation investors, public agencies, and non-profit organizations