The Burgoyne Mermaid


On a quaint little island called Salt Spring

On a farm just above Burgoyne Bay

When the sun rises over the meadow

It can steal your breath away.

There dwelt on this farm a young damsel

Independent and strong was her way

She was raising her boys and her chickens

Many long hours she worked every day.



His eyes were blue as Windex;

His beard was cobweb grey;

His face it was well weathered

And he stole her heart away.


And when her work was all finished

She loved to frolic and play

Skipping down to the bay in the sunshine

She'd disrobe and jump into the bay.

She would frolic and splash in the water

She would watch all the boats in the bay.

Came a day that she spied a strange boat there

She decided to swim out that way.


He sat on his boat drinking whiskey

And the sun sparkled gold on the bay.

In the glistening diamonds he saw her,

Sure a mermaid was swimming his way.

"Fair Maiden, I have some hot coffee

Or whiskey if you'd care too stay;

Fresh towels and sheets I'm not short of,

For I don't see your kind every day"


"Oh Sir, you are both kind and handsome

And my thanks for the offer you made

But my boys and my chickens are waiting

Though another time maybe I'll stay."

Then sadly she turned and she left him

And slowly she swam 'cross the bay.

But she came back the very next evening

With her toothbrush and her negligee.