Curtains of Night



By:     Will Hayes (1869)

On:    February Tapes, Volume I: Gordon Bok & Friends



When the curtains of night are pinned back by the stars

And the beautiful moon sweeps the skies

When the teardrops of heaven are kissing the rose

It is then that my memory flies

As if on the wings of a beautiful dove

In haste with the message it bears

Just to bring you a kiss of affection and say

"I'll remember you, love in my prayers."



   So go where you will, on land or on sea

   I'll share all your sorrows and cares

   And tonight when I kneel by my bedside to pray

   I'll remember you, love in my prayers.


When the heavenly angels are guarding the road

As God has ordained them to do

In answer to prayers I have offered above

I know that one's watching o'er you

And may its bright spirit be with you tonight

And guide you up heaven's bright stairs

And be with the one who has loved you so true

And remembers you, love in my prayers.