Coat of Blue


They were roaming in the gloaming

Where the roses bloom so fair

Just a soldier and his sweetheart fond and true

Their hearts were filled with sorrow

For their thoughts were of tomorrow

As she pinned a rose upon his coat of blue.



              Oh sweetheart don't be crying

For I'm not among the dying.

              When the roses bloom beside the river

              And the robin redbreast singing

              As in days of Auld Lang Syne

              I'll be with you sweet heart of mine.


'Mid the rattle of the battle

Came a moaning soft and low

From a soldier who had been so brave and true

"I am dying Captain dying

And I know that I must go"

And he wore a rose upon his coat of blue.


There's a far and distant river

Where the roses bloom so fair

Where my sweetheart is waitng all in vain.

It is there I'd have you take me;

I've been faithful don't forsake me

For I must be there when the roses bloom again.